Last updated 14 February 2021 8:00pm

Tauranga is moving back to Alert Level 2 from midnight 14 February 2021.

After carefully reading the rules around retail operations and the requirement to keep customers 2 metres apart we have made the decision to close our retail store until we move back to Alert Level 1.

Our space is very small and it is not possible for us to ensure all visitors can keep 2m apart while inside.

Click & Collect

We have a Click & Collect option for those of you who would like to pick up your order.

Please follow the instructions carefully –


Place your order as per usual on the website

At checkout choose the shipping option Click & Collect

Next pick a date you would like to collect by clicking the calendar icon

Once you have selected a date choose from any of the available time slots. Each time slot is 30 minutes so please ensure you collect your order within that time (for example if you choose 7:00am you have until 7:30am to collect) If you don’t see the time you want that’s because it has already been taken.


  1. The address for collection is 22c Portside Drive, Mt Maunganui
  2. Please come to the glass doors at the very FRONT of the building (just inside the driveway)
  3. Your order will be placed on a trolley just outside the door
  4. Your order will be ready to collect ONLY during your allotted time slot. If you are not able to collect within your time slot, please let us know so we don’t have a clash with another customer coming to collect their order.
  5. Please scan the Covid-19 QR code if you have the app on your phone.
  6. Orders must be PAID in full before collection – we are not able to process cash or EFTPOS payment

12 August 2020 Update…

Tauranga is moving back to Alert Level 2 from midday 12 August 2020.

After carefully reading the rules around retail operations and the requirement to keep customers 2 metres apart we have made the decision to close our retail store until we move back to Alert Level 1.

Our space is very small and it is not possible for us to ensure all visitors can keep 2m apart while inside.

Can I collect my order?
No. I’m very sorry but we are unable to offer click and collect at this time. If the Alert Level restrictions extend past the current speculation of Friday 14 August then we will look at implementing a time slot system to ensure pickups are made without chance of interacting with other customers.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding during this frustrating time. No one wanted to be back here so lets all hope for a speedy recovery and swift action to get on top of this thing!

Last updated 12 May 2020 7:00pm

With the move to Alert Level 2 on Thursday 14 May we are now able to start operating a little more normally!

However, there are a few changes we’re putting into place to ensure we can keep things running smoothly.

Is the shop open?
Yes! From Monday 18 May our retail store will be re-opening. Please note we will be closed Thursday 14th and Friday 15th May – this is so we can take the time to restock the shelves and do a final clean of the store.

We also have NEW shop hours.
We are now open Monday to Friday from 7am to 1pm

(previous hours were 8:30am – 4pm)

We’ve changed our shop hours because we are still running split shifts for our staff, these new hours coincide with our staff roster. It also means you can pop in before work.

Can I collect my order?
You sure can. Once you receive an email stating your order is ready for collection, feel free to pop in during our opening hours. Please note: you will not be able to collect your order outside of our shop opening hours of 7am – 1pm

Safety Notice
Past visitors to our shop will know that space inside is limited. We ask that if you plan on visiting us, you do so alone if possible. We will be strictly monitoring how many people are inside our shop at any one time so we can maintain 2m social distancing rules. We may need to ask you to wait outside if our shop becomes full to capacity.

Hand sanitiser will be available for use and located on our counter while in store.

Thank you all so much for your support over these past six weeks. We’ve been blown away by how kind and patient you’ve all been during this tough time. We truly appreciate every single order that has been placed with us. We’re a small family business and the community has really come together to show their love and #shoplocal. We will continue to pay it forward with other small businesses in our community and throughout NZ

Last updated 21 April 2020 3:00pm

From 11:59pm Monday 27 April we will be in Alert Level 3. Well done New Zealand for making it through 35 days of relative isolation and online shopping withdrawls! I know my list of “non essential” items that I’ve been hanging out to buy has been growing by the day.

We’re super pleased to announce that we can now sell ALL the items in our store. That means candle makers are back in business!

What happens if I order “non essential” items before Tuesday?
Your order will go “on hold” ready to be collected by the courier on Tuesday. We will be processing orders on a first in first out basis. So if you order today your order will be picked and packed first so will be guaranteed to go out first on Tuesday.

If you order a combination of essential and non-essential items your entire order will be placed on hold until Tuesday – we won’t split orders. So if you need soap making supplies this week make sure you don’t add any candle making items to your order.

Is the shop open?
No sorry, our physical store remains closed until we move into Alert Level 2

Do you offer ‘Click and Collect’?
No sorry, we are unable to implement a ‘non contact’ way for you to collect orders, so we are unable to offer order collections until our store reopens at Level 2

Can I use NZ Couriers/Post Haste?
Yes! We will be re-enabling all our courier options so if you prefer to use a different carrier you can choose from PBT or NZ Couriers (and Post Haste in the South Island)

Last updated 31 March 2020 6:30pm


Since the government made the announcement last night about the expansion of supplying essential goods to the public via online shopping we have made the decision to re-open our online store on a limited basis.

We are registered with MBIE and have official confirmation that we are a business selling essential goods

What does this mean?
We have enabled the ability to shop on our website for items that are essential to make soap and other personal care products which are deemed essential to maintaining your health. You WILL NOT able to buy anything not related to personal care or hygiene such as candle making materials.

Do I have to be an “Essential Business” to shop?
According to the new government guidelines. Anyone in the public is now able to make these purchases.

PLEASE bear in mind that our courier/postal system is still under enormous strain and are dealing with so many extra steps and protocols to ensure they keep their staff and drivers safe. ONLY make a purchase if it is essential to your health or wellbeing during the Alert Level 4 lockdown.

Can I collect my order?
NO. Absolutely not. You must stay home and stay safe.

What are you doing to keep your staff safe while working?

  • We only have one person in our warehouse at any one time. This ensures we are practicing total social distancing.
  • We are using CDC recommended bleach solutions to keep our work areas clean and disinfected. We also have a supply of isopropyl on hand for our personal use (no sorry this is not for sale)
  • All our courier pickups and deliveries are “contactless”

Why can’t I choose NZ Couriers when I checkout?
At this stage, NZ Couriers has chosen to only deliver to “Essential Service Businesses”. We respect their decision as they’re doing what they feel is right for their staff and company. All parcels will be sent with PBT until we’re informed by NZC that they will accept residential deliveries.

Anything else?
Please remember we only have one staff member working to process, pick and pack orders. This means things are probably going to running a little slower than usual. We thank you for your patience and support.

Last updated 26 March 2020 7:30am


We have been closely watching all new developments as they’ve been unfolding. As of last night the government has tightened the rules around sending parcels to ‘non essential’ businesses

Because of this restriction we can no longer continue to send out parcels unless you are an official essential services business or part of their supply chain.

We had hoped to continue supplying to all our small businesses and hobbyist crafters, however the rules now in place prevent us from doing so. This is to ensure we can try and stamp out covid-19 as fast as possible so we can hopefully all go back to our daily lives as soon as possible.

What happens if you’ve already placed an order?
We will be sending out all existing orders on Thursday 26 March

I’m an Essential Services business, can I still order?
Yes! We are still able to send out to these businesses and their supply chains. Please email us directly at [email protected]

When will you reopen?
As soon as the government gives us the go ahead. Please check back here for more updates and follow us on social media

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe out there!

Last updated 24 March 2020

Our online store is remaining OPEN throughout the lockdown period
We have made the decision to keep operating during the COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown.

We have living facilities on site which are now going to be utilized by a member of our staff. They will remain in isolation here at our warehouse for the duration. In essence, our building has now become their home. This means they can continue to process all your online orders. Because they will be working alone, things may take a little longer to process but we are still aiming to ship orders within 1-2 days if possible. We will continue to operate unless we are informed otherwise.

What about your retail shop?
Our retail shop remains CLOSED and will continue to remain closed for the entire length of the lockdown until we are advised we can open again.

This means NO PICKUPS. We have already been asked several times to make an exception to this rule since we closed the shop yesterday. We absolutely WILL NOT be make any exceptions. Please don’t ask us to do so. The safety of our staff is paramount. We very much appreciate your co-operation.

We have discounted our shipping rates to a flat fee of $3 for anyone who lives locally with a postcode starting with 311-

Courier Services
I have been in touch with both PBT and NZ Couriers. Both are remaining open during the lockdown period. They will of course be prioritizing deliveries to essential services, so you may not get the same speed of delivery that you’re used to, but please be patient and kind with your driver.

Stock Availability
We have a large range of stock on hand, but many of our suppliers will be closing for the next four weeks. This means we are likely to run out of some items. Please be patient and know that we are working hard to ensure once things start running normally again we will be ready to receive more stock into our warehouse as it becomes available.

Additional Information
I will be working from home during the next four weeks which means I can answer any emails or messages you send through. We will be keeping you all up to date with any further developments.

Please make sure you LIKE our page on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram to ensure you don’t miss any updates.


Lastly, we would like to thank you all for your amazing support not only over these last few weeks as things have been spiraling downwards throughout the country and world, but during the last six years we’ve been open. The support you’ve shown our small business has impacted the lives of my entire family and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Stay safe out there and remember to wash your hands!
– Kirsty