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Hand Sanitising Spray

We’ve had so many requests from people asking how to make your own hand sanitiser. The supermarkets and pharmacies are running out of stock due to COVID-19 awareness.

The best thing that you can do to keep yourself safe is to practice good personal hygiene, wash your hands well and try not to touch your face.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to wash your hands when you’re out and about, or maybe you’re concerned about that supermarket trolley or door handle. That’s where having a bottle of sanitising spray in your bag really comes in handy!

Making hand sanitizer spray is actually really easy (making a gel is a bit more tricky) One thing to be aware of though is the actual alcohol content in your isopropyl. You need a minimum of 60% pure isopropyl in order to be an effective sanitiser. If you have a 70% active isopropyl (as opposed to our 99.9% active isopropyl) you will need to use MORE than it states in the recipe.

Hand Sanitising Spray


60g Isopropyl (99%)
3g Glycerin
0.3g Allantoin
24g Aloe vera juice (reconstituted 100x aloe powder)
0.5g Lychee & Guava Sorbet Fragrance oil

Tools & Equipment

Mixing bowl
100ml amber bottle
Mist sprayer


  1. Combine allantoin and glycerin into a slurry. Make sure the powder has completely dissolved.
  2. Add the slurry to the aloe vera juice and mix
  3. Add the fragrance and isopropyl and mix together
  4. Pour into spray bottle


  • Allantoin is added to help soothe and protect your skin. Alcohol can be very drying on the skin. If you don’t want to add allantoin, just increase the aloe vera juice by 0.3g
  • Substitute any fragrance of your choice
  • Learn how to reconstitute our 100x Aloe Vera Powder by watching our YouTube video
  • If you only have Isopropyl 70% strength you will need to use 85g of isopropyl and reduce the aloe vera to 11.2 grams

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