Amber Cosmetic Jar w/ Black Lid

Quantity X SizeClear
each, 30 gram (mini)$1.80
12 pack, 30 gram (mini)$20.00
each, 60 gram (small)$2.20
12 pack, 60 gram (small)$24.00
42 pack, 60 gram (small)$69.00
each, 120 gram (medium)$3.00
12 pack, 120 gram (medium)$29.00
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These high quality glass cosmetic pots come with a black wadded cap. They are perfect for lotions and body creams. They are also an affordable option to make lovely candles!

Available in three sizes

Volume: 30 grams
Height: 50mm
Label Height: 25mm
Diameter: 40mm

Volume: 60 grams
Height: 56mm
Label Height: 25mm
Diameter: 54mm

Volume: 120 grams
Height: 65mm
Label Height: 49mm
Diameter: 54mm


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