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These fragrance absorbing plastic beads are excellent for making air freshener sachets to use in drawers, cars, vacuum cleaners and even air vents. You can also make solid hanging air fresheners and ornaments!

How to make Scented Aroma Beads

Mix one part fragrance oil to three parts aroma beads. Add a drop or two of liquid candle dye (You can also add a little mica if you want sparkly aroma beads!). Mix well and then set aside for at least one day, or until the aroma beads have become dry and absorbed all the fragrance oil. Some fragrances take longer to dry then others (up to a week!) Once dried you can put in jars or sachet bags.

How to make Hanging Air Fresheners

Prepare aroma beads as discussed above.  Place metal cookie cutters (the shape you desire) on a non-stick metal cookie sheet.  You will not be able to use this cookie sheet for baking food after you use it to make these fragranced products;  your food will taste like fragrance.  Pour approximately 1/4 inch of prepared aroma beads into the cookie cutters and spread evenly.  If you want a hole in your product so that you can later hang it, place a short 1/4 inch diameter screw in the spot where you want the hole to be located.  Place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for approximately 4-5 minutes (or until the beads have melted together).  You may notice some smoking.  This is normal, but keep your eye on your products while they are in the oven.  Allow your ornaments to cool.  Remove the cookie cutter and the screw from the ornament, and peel the ornament from the cookie sheet.  You are done!  We do not recommend hanging these inside a hot car.  The aroma beads can melt at high temperatures.


Do not set scented beads on wood surfaces, plastic surfaces, or painted surfaces; the fragrance can damage these surfaces. Do not use aroma beads in a heated oil burner because they will melt. Do not use as candle wax, and do not place aroma beads near a flame.  The fragrance oils in these aroma beads can eat through certain types of plastics, so be careful when storing these products.  Remember to use warning labels on your products when selling them.  Due to the fact that aroma beads are not heated like candles are, they will naturally not have as strong as a scent throw.


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