Black Cherry Flavour Oil

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The aroma of ripened black cherries.  For use in lip balms, massage oils, body sprays, perfumes, bath/body products, and pet bath products. 

Flavour oils are regulated by the FDA because they are designed to be used for consumption or for cosmetic products that may be ingested. Flavours developed for lip balms smell, but do not taste.  It is only when sweetener is added to the flavouring that you can taste the flavouring.

Since lip balm, lip gloss, and  lipstick are worn on the lips, flavours are used to scent them. Flavours typically don’t have as strong of a scent throw as fragrances do.  Therefore, it is not recommended to use flavours in candles, potpourri, or smelly jellies. Some people choose to use flavour oils in their pet bath products as opposed to fragrance oils because flavours oils are safe for consumption.

Phthalate Free. None of our flavourings contain any gluten, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde releasing agents. Our flavouring oils are created using distilled, fractionated coconut oil as their solvent.

2 reviews for Black Cherry Flavour Oil

  1. Libby Williams (verified owner)

    I dont like this but one of my pregnant friends adores it.

    It smell horrible in the bottle but a little nicer once in the balm.

  2. gnotuygnauh (verified owner)

    It smells terrible, it smells just like the cough syrup that I had when I was little, I’m throwing the whole bottle away.

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