Caffeine Powder

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100 grams$12.00
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500 grams$45.00
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Caffeine is used in cosmetics, facial products, shower gels, new “mood cosmetics” and creams, lotions and gels for topical applications. Enhance skin and body care products and give you and your customers a new “lift” just like that morning cup of coffee!

It is reported to be both stimulating and invigorating- and improving blood flow, and adding skin firming qualities.

USP 40 Mesh Anhydrous Powder Caffeine

White Crystalline Powder

All products sold are for external use only

WARNING! Caffeine can be HIGHLY TOXIC You must be over 18 to purchase Caffeine. If you submit an order for caffeine powder, you are stating you are 18 years of age or older.

As caffeine powder can be used in a variety of ways, including cosmetics additives, we can not recommend an exact usage. We suggest consumers visit the FDA website and other reliable sources before using caffeine powder. However, it is highly recommended that when using caffeine in ANY WAY that is be measured accurately. Accurate measurement requires a milligram weight type scale.

Check out my article about why you should use caffeine in your cosmetics – What’s so great about caffeine powder


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