Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) 99%

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Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda (pearl).

Sodium hydroxide is used in many industries, mostly as a strong chemical base in the manufacture of pulp and paper, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents and as a drain cleaner.

Sodium hydroxide is frequently used as an industrial cleaning agent where it is often called “caustic”. It is added to water, heated, and then used to clean process equipment, storage tanks, etc. It can dissolve grease, oils, fats and protein based deposits. It is also used for cleaning waste discharge pipes under sinks and drains in domestic properties.

It is also the chemical that induces saponification with fats and oils to create soap.

This is a hazardous material and should be handled with care. Always use safety precautions when using sodium hydroxide!



All orders containing lye will have a $8.00 dangerous goods surcharge added to the regular freight cost. Free Shipping does not apply when purchasing dangerous goods (you will be charged the DG fee only with the normal freight charge free)

We only charge one $8.00 fee when you order up to 5kg of lye, so in order to save costs it might be a good idea to buy in larger quantities to save paying multiple surcharges over time.


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