CDN3 Tealight Wicks (27mm)

25 pack$3.00
100 pack$9.00
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These CDN (stabilo) Wicks are 27mm long and come wax coated with metal tabs on the base so your wick can stand up on the base of your container.

These wicks are suitable for tealight containers with a diameter of 22mm

3 reviews for CDN3 Tealight Wicks (27mm)

  1. awa.homemade (verified owner)

    These wicks work great with my coconut beeswax blend, i do prefer the 4 when using a higher ratio for beeswax, but found these work perfect for my 50:50 ratio

  2. klo (verified owner)

    These worked a treat in my tea lights.

  3. holdentorana05 (verified owner)

    They do what they promise to do,so easy to use rather than making wicks,burn rate is great.

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