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Our glass beakers are a great addition to your equipment cupboard!

I use these for mixing, melting and pouring – kind of like a “one pot wonder”

They are lab grade glassware so can withstand high heat.

Available in two sizes.

100ml and 200ml

Made from high quality borosilicate glass with a silica content of 80%, this glassware possesses marked mechanical strength and very high resistance against chemical attacks. Furthermore, its low linear coefficient of thermal expansion makes it capable of withstanding high levels of thermal shock.

SiO2 Content> 80%Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion3.3 X 10-7K– 1
Strain Point520 CAcid ResistanceGrade 1
Softening Point820 CAlkali ResistanceGrade 2
Annealing Point560 CThermal Shock Resistance300 C

3 reviews for Glass Beaker

  1. Masha (verified owner)

    250ml is the perfect size

  2. Masha (verified owner)

    100ml is the perfect size

  3. aliezaperez

    Is this microwaveable?

    • Kirsty

      Yes they are 🙂

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