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Hemp Seed Oil, Organic

(2 customer reviews)
Size Clear
100ml $10.00
250ml $15.00
500ml $28.00
1 Litre $49.00


Product Description

This is external grade hemp seed oil. If you would like food grade, please order our organic food grade hemp oil

Our hemp seed oil is grown in Canada where they grow over 60,000 hectares annually. It is then gently cold pressed by experts,

Pure Hemp seed oil contains roughly 20 times more omega 3 than Olive Oil plus half the saturated fat!

Pure Hemp Seed Oil has also been shown by our customers to alleviate conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • High Cholesterol
  • Dry Skin conditions
  • Plus more
BOTANICAL NAME Cannabis sativa
CAS# 8016-24-8
PROCESSING Unrefined (Virgin) , Filtered Organic

2 reviews for Hemp Seed Oil, Organic

  1. hello10 (verified owner)

    Will buy again

  2. Amanda (verified owner)

    This is beautiful oil. It makes gorgeous soap. I made a small batch of just hemp oil soap as an experiment. It turned out so well. A bit expensive to do regularly, but it is sooooo luxurious as a CP soap. This oil is rich, dark green and smells like rich dark green. …. Grass. What else? This is Canadian, where they grow the best, er, hemp. Some “other” hemp oils are pressed in NZ from seeds imported from and grown in China. I have tried both. I like this one better.

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