Matte Black Tins – Medium

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Medium sized matte black seamless candle tin. This is an excellent option to make soy wax candles. These little tins are a great little travel size and the matte black colour is a modern stylish alternative to the silver tin.

Dimensions: 60mm wide, 46mm high
Wax quantity: 90 grams
Wick: CDN 10 or ECO-4*

* Please note this is a guide only. We recommend you conduct your own testing to ensure the best quality candle.


6 reviews for Matte Black Tins - Medium

  1. JACI (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these tins. I was hesitant due to the comment about rusting, but I’ve never had this problem. And it’s one of my best sellers. Perfect size and stocking filler!

  2. Kim (verified owner)

    Really like these tins super cute and perfect size for Xmas range or testing out fragrances

  3. Kahu Costar (verified owner)

    Love these tins! great for travel candles and to test in!

  4. Kelsey Stilwell (verified owner)

    Love these! Great quality and a good size. Just a note to other candle makers that they do rust when using fragrance oils with vanillin content, so just check how much is in your fragrance oil before using or use ones without vanillin.

  5. Deb

    Been using these tins for a month now for my candles… a decent size for travel candles. will be getting more!

  6. Sally

    They’re quite small for medium size, and also all my candles ended up with rusting around the edges after 1 week.. probably won’t purchase again

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