Pillar Wax (RSPO Palm)

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Uniwax 5501 is a RSPO certified palm wax which is ideal for pillar candles or blending with other waxes

  • Strong hot and cold scent throw
  • Typical fragrance load is 10-12% or less, but has excellent throw at lower rates
  • Easy release from mould without any releasing agents
  • Comes in powdered form
  • No additives required
BrandUniwax 5501
Melt Point54-60°C
UsesPillar, Votive, Melts

2 reviews for Pillar Wax (RSPO Palm)

  1. Sarah Doreen (verified owner)

    Love this wax. I made a candle with it 10% fragrance and left it on the kitchen table to sit a while. When I came in from work the next day the scent from it cold was overpowering the scent from the similarly sized soy (464) candle that WAS burning. When I did finally burn it, wow! Only flaw seems to be the funky look / texture of the ‘re set’ wax after burning but will keep experimenting with wicks and see if that helps. The wax sets beautifully from pour, however.

  2. Rachel Youngson (verified owner)

    Love this wax!!

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