Plastic Containers

Size X QuantityClear
200ml, each$0.95
200ml, 10 pack$8.50
200ml, 25 pack$20.50
200ml, 100 pack$64.00
280ml, each$1.00
280ml, 10 pack$9.00
280ml, 25 pack$21.00
280ml, 100 pack$66.00
575ml, each$1.20
575ml, 10 pack$11.00
575ml, 25 pack$26.00
575ml, 100 pack$82.00
750ml, each$1.30
750ml, 10 pack$11.50
750ml, 25 pack$26.00
750ml, 100 pack$84.00
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Our clear plastic containers come in four sizes 200ml – 280ml – 575ml – 750ml

Complete with a tamper evident lid.


These sizes are based on volume. As many of you will be using these to store body products a point of reference for what size you might need, we use the 280ml size to pack our 100-200g shea butter sizes and the 750ml just fits 450g of shea butter.


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