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Pomace Olive Oil

(2 customer reviews)
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1L $12.00
3.785L (1 gal) $37.00
7.57L (2 gal) $70.00
11.355L (3 gal) $110.00


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Product Description

Pomace olive oil is made by extracting the last bits of oil and fat from the paste left over from pressing the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Pomace Olive Oil is a wonderful addition to your cold process soap recipes. Olive oil gives a rich feel and helps to create a very hard bar once fully cured. Used in the making of Castile soap (both liquid and bar).

Pomace is a cheaper alternative to extra virgin olive oil and perfect for soap makers!

2 reviews for Pomace Olive Oil

  1. valhalla.soapz (verified owner)

    A great Olive Oil for my soap making.
    Thank you

  2. Amanda Pittar (verified owner)

    When I received this beautiful pomace Olive oil I was struck by how dark green my batch was. It was almost as dark as a virgin Olive oil. I was making a pure Olive oil soap that day, so was happy with the oil as it made a Snow White soap! I try to keep at least one tin of this oil for my Luxe Soaps as it really is of a good quality. All my soaps are at least 50% Olive oil so I rely on good consistent oils. This and one other source are what I use, ( never put all your eggs in one basket) , try this one, you won’t be disappointed.

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