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Vitamin E - Tocopherol T-50

(4 customer reviews)
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Product Description

T-50, natural mixed tocopherols (isolated from vegetable oils), is a natural, heat stable antioxidant that protects food and cosmetic products from oxidation. If you need to add vitamin E oil to protect your formulation from rancidity, use our T-50 Vitamin E oil instead of 250IU/g, 1000IU/g and 1400IU/g Vitamin E oils. While the alpha tocopherol in the 250, 1000, and 1400IU/g oils is wonderful as an in-vitro antioxidant, studies show that the gamma tocopherol in the Vitamin E T-50 oil is a better antioxidant for oils/lipids in cosmetic formulations. T-50 has a higher content of gamma tocopherols and can be used at a rate of .04% or 400ppm to adequately protect your oils. Although T-50 is not an organic product, it is allowed for use in “organic” or “made with organic material” products.

Suggested Usage Rate: 0.04%-1.0% in oils, creams, lotions, balms, soaps and other oil based formulations.

Origin: China
INCI: Tocopherol
Shelf Life: Stable, 2 – 5 Years

The Vitamin E T-50 is a very oily liquid with a characteristic odour. Colours range from a light yellow brown to reddish brown. The colour changes gradually into dark brown after contact with air or light but the colour change is not indicative of any alteration of, or strength of the antioxidant activity.

Vitamin E T-50 is completely natural (not synthetic) 50:50 blend with soy bean oil.

4 reviews for Vitamin E – Tocopherol T-50

  1. Tove Bennett (verified owner)

    Hi! Just wondering when you will be getting more stock? I absolutely love this product in my moisturizers 🙂

    • Kirsty

      Hi Tove,

      I just got shipping confirmation this afternoon that it has finally been released from customs in the USA and is on the way! Hopefully it will arrive next week 🙂

  2. debbie_webby (verified owner)

    Great stuff, thank you so much 😀

  3. varaleeatherton

    Hey 🙂 just wondering if there are more on there way soon as i’d love to get this product 🙂

    • Kirsty

      Yes it’s on the way now! I’m hoping it will arrive in the next week or so 🙂

  4. Amanda Pittar

    Love this product. I add to my emulsified sugar scrubs and creme washes. Just as a delicious extra. As usual Kirsty’s products are excellent ☺️

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