As of 6 September 2021 we have made the decision to permanently close our retail shop.

We are NOT closing down! Our website will be operating as per usual

Many of our local customers would already have been aware we had decided to close our retail shop at the end of this year, but with this latest round of lockdowns we decided to bring that forward and not re-open once we go back to Alert Level 1.

I know so many of you will be disappointed by this decision, but after long discussions with our family we know we’ve made the right decision for our health, and for the business as a whole.

We operate as a very small family business. Most of the time it’s just myself (Kirsty) and Lynn processing the orders (and doing the other million jobs that come with running a business), with Rob and Jess working part time to fill our stock.

When the retail shop gets busy (as is often the case these days), our online orders have to wait until our shop closes for us to get a chance to process them. This has resulted in outrageously long working hours for us (Lynn especially). It’s no exaggeration to say we often work in excess of 70 hours per week to maintain our same day order processing service.

By closing the retail shop that means we are now all fully focused on your online orders, and our workload should be cut back significantly by not having to restock shelves in the shop.

Click and Collect

You can absolutely still come and collect your order. We will be moving the click and collect area to the front of the building. Through the glass doors (you will be familiar with this area from lockdown)

We will also be setting up all our fragrances in the foyer so you can still smell the entire range as we know this is one of the most important aspects of visiting our shop.

We will be giving priority to click and collect orders.

We aim to have any click and collect orders processed and ready to collect within 30 minutes, although this isn’t guaranteed as when we get super busy we often don’t get back to the computer to check new orders as frequently.

** All click and collect orders must be paid for before collection. If you opt to pay via bank transfer we must be able to confirm the funds are in our account before you take your order away

** EFTPOS will NOT be available

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, but especially our loyal locals. The ones who have been visiting us for years and support us above all others. Lynn and I have enjoyed getting to know you, learning names, seeing your kids grow up and sharing your excitement when you show us your projects. We hope you’ll still come in to collect your orders and have a chat 🙂