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Wax Comparison Chart

One of the most common questions I get regarding candle making is “what wax should I use?”

The wax that you should use is entirely dependent on the type of candle you want to make. Are you using a container, or making a free standing candle? Or perhaps you’d like to make a votive candle or wax melts?

Pillar Candles (Moulded Candles)

These are the candles which you make by pouring into a mould, usually made from aluminium or polycarbonate. Pillar candles need to be hard since they don’t go into a container. They need to stand on their own without becoming too soft, or even melting, in the hot sun and while burning.

Container and Tealight Candles

These are the most common type of candle that we make, as such there are a couple of different choices in wax. They are all pretty similar, but have a couple of differences that set them apart.

GW464 has the best fragrance throw of all the waxes and happens to be the easiest to use for consistent results (in my humble opinion!)

CB-Advanced doesn’t have as good a fragrance throw as the GW464, but it is the best wax on the market for achieving smooth finishes with the least amount of frosting.

CB-135 is similar to the GW464 but it is EcoSoya brand. This is a great wax to use if you’re using essential oils in your candles.


Votive candles are a cross between pillar and container candles. They’re hard, but not hard enough to stand alone while burning which is why you burn votive candles in a votive holder – they “puddle” when burning.

The GW416 has a higher melt point than the other waxes so is perfect for tarts and votives.

Here’s a handy table which outlines the properties of the available soy waxes that we currently stock.

Wax Use Description Form FO Load Melt Point Pour Temp
GW464 Soy Wax Container, Tealight One of the easiest of the waxes to use. Has a lower melt point
which helps with the burn and gives better glass adhesion.
Flake 8 – 10% 46-49° 60-65°
KeraSoy 4130 Container, Tealight Exceptionally smooth tops, biodegradable
and vegan. Doesn’t require additives. Fantastic hot/cold throw.
Pastille 10 – 12% 42-48° 45-55°
Uniwax 5501 Pillar, Melts, Votive RSPO certified palm wax. Strong hot/cold throw.
Can be blended with other waxes.
Powder 10 – 12% 54-60°C 75-80°C
Coconut Apricot Wax Container, Tealight Creates beautiful white, smooth candles with great container
adhesion. Excellent fragrance throw and evenness of burn.
Soft slab 6 -10% 76° 68-76°

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