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Founded in 2012, we started out as a 100% NZ owned and operated family business that sold soaps and candles at local markets.

As I delved deeper into crafting a range of body care products, I struggled to find many of the ingredients that were used in the online recipes and videos I was following. This led me to importing these ingredients from overseas, which in turn led me to another problem.

In order to be cost effective I had to buy large quantities, but I couldn’t use it all myself. This is how Zen Designs was born. I started selling all my left over ingredients and very quickly discovered a need in our crafting community for a variety of ingredients which weren’t readily available in NZ at that time.

Fast forward to 2021. We now have one of New Zealand’s largest range of skin safe fragrances which are suitable for use in soap, candles, body, home and cleaning products. Complete with a growing range of candle making, soap making, skincare & crafting ingredients.

We changed our name to Zen Aroma to better reflect our love of fragrance, and because we believe scent is the number one reason people are attracted to candles, soaps and all your wonderful hand made body products.

We believe in offering high quality, natural where possible, products and exceptional service.

 Even though I don’t sell soaps or candles any more, I like to think that our customers can find a little ‘zen’ when making their own products.

Who Are We?




Proud Kiwi, DIY extraordinaire, small biz girl boss, marathon runner, world traveller (at least I was until 2020 happened!), cat lover and tea drinker. Over the years I’ve tried my hand at several DIY projects ranging from melting old candles into tin cans when I was about eight years old, to building a deck off my house a few summers ago, all with my own two hands.

I love to try new things. I especially  love to try my hand at a DIY project so I can have the satisfaction of making something with my own two hands rather than buying it in the store.

I’m a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild and hold my Advanced CP/HP Soap Certificate.

I also have a Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry 

If you’re here, that means you have a passion for creating too. I hope you get as much joy out of crafting as I do!



Does everything!
The reason your parcels get delivered so quickly is because this lady works so hard!



Keeps all our fragrance and essential oils poured and on the shelves –
a never-ending task!



In charge of bagging up our huge range of dried goods and keeping our shelves stocked.

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