Fragrance Oils

We have the largest range of premium fragrance oils in New Zealand.

All fragrances are 100% liquid concentrate and are designed for use in candles, soaps, home fragrance, perfumes and body products.

Our fragrance oils are produced from one of the largest fragrance houses in the United States. All of our fragrance oils comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.

Please choose your fragrance carefully. We recommend that you try our 25ml sample sizes before purchasing in larger quantities. We also do not offer any type of fragrance exchanges or refunds. Fragrance is sold by volume (unless otherwise noted)

All of these fragrances are made of a combination of natural and synthetic materials and, unlike some inferior products.

Please note that the recommended % for use is a guide only. You must conduct your own testing to ensure compatibility with your soaps, lotions & candles and for best practice refer to the IFRA certificate for maximum usage rates.

Disclaimer: Some fragrances may discolour wax and soap due to their own colour and/or the natural reaction to other ingredients. Therefore it is highly recommended that you conduct your own testing. This cannot be considered a ‘fault’ with the fragrance oil or the wax

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