Fragrance Oils For Candles

What Are The Best Candle Fragrances?

The best fragrance oils for candles have the ability to evoke memories and emotions.

When you catch a whiff of a particular candle scent, it can transport you to a different time and place, evoking both memories and emotions. This happens because there’s a direct connection between the part of your brain that processes smell and the parts that handle memories and emotions. It’s like scents have a VIP pass to the memory and feeling areas of your brain! Imagine if every time you smelled chocolate chip cookies baking, it made you think of baking with your grandma on a sunny afternoon. 

Or the smell of rain on pavement might suddenly make you nostalgic for those carefree days you spent exploring your hometown. Or the scent of a specific perfume could remind you of a person you used to be close to, stirring up a mix of emotions.

This powerful link means that fragrances can do more than just smell good; they can evoke complex feelings and vivid memories, making them a fascinating aspect of how we experience the world. Whether it’s the lingering smell of a campfire that brings back a fun camping trip or the aroma of your favorite dish that reminds you of family gatherings, scents are deeply intertwined with our emotional experiences.

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Top Tips For Using Fragrance Oils In Candles

How do I get my candle to smell stronger?

Getting a better scent throw in candles is one of the most commonly asked questions, there are a couple of tricks you can follow to try and maximise the fragrance strength in your candle.

  1. Add the candle fragrance at the optimal temperature of 80-85°C and make sure you stir well for 1-2 minutes so it binds properly to the wax.
  2. Use the correct wick size.
  3. How big is the room the candle is burning in? Often people complain they can barely smell their candle, while forgetting they have a travel sized tin burning in a large living room. The bigger the room, the bigger the candle needs to be. It doesn’t matter if you use the maximum amount of fragrance oil in a candle – it still won’t smell very strong if it’s in a large/open area.
  4. Let your candle cure. 1 – 2 weeks is the optimal time for curing.
  5. Don’t over-fragrance. Make sure you’re not using more than the maximum fragrance load for your particular wax. Despite what many people may think, adding more fragrance won’t necessarily make your candle smell stronger. So how much fragrance oil to use per candle? We like to use around 6-7% fragrance in our candles. Which means, if you have 100 grams of wax, you would use 6-7 grams of fragrance.

Can I mix fragrance oils together to create a custom scent?

Sure! Mixing fragrances yourself is the perfect way to get a “custom blend”. The candle market is full of Vanilla or French Pear candles, why not get creative and make your own unique scent.

The easiest way to get started with fragrance blending is to go by drops.

For instance, if I wanted to make a tropical candle scent that smells like coconut, pineapple and strawberry I could start out with:

1 drop creamy coconut fragrance
1 drop pineapple fragrance oil
1 drop strawberry fields fragrance oil
Result: The pineapple was way too strong and I could barely smell the coconut or strawberry

Second attempt:

3 drops creamy coconut
1 drop pineapple
2 drop strawberry fields
Result: Much better!

Now I have my blend I can mix this up into a larger bottle so I need to translate drops into millilitres.

To fill a 500ml bottle with my custom fragrance blend I would use:

250ml Creamy Coconut (3 parts)
83ml Pineapple (1 part)
167ml Strawberry Fields (2 parts)

Do your fragrance oils discolour?

It depends. Many of our fragrances contain natural ingredients such as vanillin, citrus oils and spices. These can all cause discolouration. Over time and exposure to sunlight, you may notice your candle turning yellow or brown.

There’s nothing wrong with your candle or the fragrance, this is just a natural occurance when using certain fragrances. Take a look at top branded candles next time you’re out shopping, you’ll see that even some of those super expensive candles suffer can from discolouration too.

Try to keep your candles out of sunlight by storing in a cool dark place and using lids where possible.

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