Blood Orange Fragrance Oil

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A tangy, juicy orange scent with just a touch of floral thyme.

Skin safe fragrance oil. Suitable for candles and soap.

Soap Making Notes

Perfect pour, no ricing, no acceleration.

8 reviews for Blood Orange Fragrance Oil

  1. Heike (verified owner)

    One of my absolute favourite fragrances. Beautiful orangy scent. Behaves very well in CP and HP soap.

  2. phillipa.king (verified owner)

    I have used it in my body butter and it smells fresh and tangy.

  3. Nick Weller (verified owner)

    An excellent orange fragrance, matched well with the Zen designs chocolate fragrance to make a Jaffa scented bar, works well in cold processed soap.

  4. dizzybone (verified owner)

    Have used this in soy candles and melts and this is just lovely! It holds it’s scent very well and is perfect if you prefer citrus/herbal scents. One of my favourites!

  5. jess (verified owner)

    i love this fragrance i have made moisturisers, candles, soy melts and soaps with this scent and its divine! i mixed orange and grapefruit together for a candle requested by a customer and wow!

  6. hereskoo (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance! It performs so well in cp soap, holds it scent really well and is the one you can smell in a bunch of soap.

  7. Carmen

    Had a bottle of this for quite a while, not really having any ideas on what to use it in. Ended up using it while testing a new cp soap recipe along with one of my go to’s vintage gardenia… wow the two seem to soften each other, upon smelling i get a fizzy sherbet that then turns creamy and floral. Imagine eating sherbet while smelling some gorgeous white flowers, its quite something, not quite the classic combo but somehow it works.
    Not sure if this discoloured or not as the recipe had a lot of EVOO, if it did it was minor and maybe slightly yellow. No acceleration, was able to do a basic hanger swirl with plenty of time.
    I would use this again.

  8. aypittar (verified owner)

    I am fond of citrus with herbs, so I love this. Made excellent CP soap. Held the scent well. Even after a year ( I keep one or two to see how they perform over time). Juicy, tangy but not sweety sickly.

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