Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea tree oil is widely used for its anti infectious and anti fungal properties. It has a fresh, almost pungent and camphorous aroma.

Effect on mind: Clarifying and head clearing. Helps cleanse the imagination of disturbing thoughts.

Effect on body: Fortifies the immune system to help fight off infectious diseases. Lowers fever through cleansing action. Should help with flu and cold sores. Strong anti viral and anti fungal properties make it useful in illnesses such as urinary tract disease, cystitis, thrush and genital infections. Use for insect bites.

Effect on skin: Cleanses infected wounds, boils and carbuncles. Helps clear spots caused by chicken pox and shingles. Useful with burns, sores, sunburn, ringworm, warts, tinea, herpes and athletes foot. Helpful with dandruff.

Blends well with: Cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, rosemary, sweet orange, thyme.

Common nameTea Tree oil, Australian
Botanical nameMelaleuca alternifolia
OdourPowerful, warm, fresh, earthy & spicy
AppearanceColourless to pale yellow
Plant parts usedLeaves and branchlets
Extraction methodSteam distillation
Country of originAustralia
MSDSTea Tree Oil – Specification

1 review for Tea Tree Essential Oil

  1. RF (verified owner)

    This oil is gorgeous. Top quality scent, very deep and woody in the base. My favourite to use on its own. This is the best tea tree I’ve found.

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