Cypress Essential Oil

The Cypress symbolised “everlastingness” to ancient Greeks and Romans. The trees are often found in churchyards and cemeteries in Europe.

Effect on mind: Soothing, strengthening and comforting. Promotes feelings of refreshment and restoration.

Effect on body: Useful in excessive bleeding and sweating. Maybe beneficial for cellulitis. Its vaso-constricting effect on veins is helpful for varicose and haemorrhoids. A tonic to the circulatory system: its effect on liver helps to maintain regular composition of the blood. Eases pre menstral tension. Valuable for menopausal systoms such as hot flushes. Useful for respiratory problems with spasms, such as whooping cough and asthma.

Effect on skin: Controls excessive loss of water and can be helpful to mature skin. Sweaty/oily skin may benefit. Seems to help wounds heal.

Blends well with: Bergamot, clary sage, lavender, lemon, orange, rosemary and sandalwood.

CAUTION: Regulates the menstrual cycle, so much be avoided during pregnancy, particularly the early months.


Botanical (INCI) Name:

Cupressus sempervirens


Pale yellow, clear


Woody, spicy and medicinal aroma

Plant parts used:

Cones, needles and twigs

Extraction method:

Steam distillation

Region of origin:





Oils and Alcohol



Do not apply undiluted essential oils to your skin. Use a carrier oil or solvent to dilute first.


Do not drip undiluted essential oils into eyes as this will cause a chemical burn and may result in temporary blindness. Diluted essential oils may be used close to the eyes. More here.


Undiluted essential oils should not be dripped into the ears, but diluted essential oils may be placed on a cotton wad for partial insertion.


Keep essential oils in a place where young children cannot reach them, and never let them handle essential oils bottles.


If you have a skin condition, are pregnant, have epilepsy or asthma, are on a course of treatment with prescribed medication, or are in any doubt about any condition you may have, you are advised to seek the advice of a doctor or suitable practitioner before using pure essential oils.

For a full list of safety guidelines and more in depth information please visit the Tisserand Institute website.

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