Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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Three oils come from the orange tree, neroli from the flowers, petitgrain from the leaves and orange from the peel.

Effect on mind: Uplifting, dispersing gloomy thoughts, emotional tangles, obsessions or a fear of the unknown, creating a positive outlook. Reviving when feeling bored or listless.

Effect on body: Calms the stomach and quells the proverbial butterflies. Balances gastric complaints, like diarrhoea and constipation. Stimulates bile flow, so helps the digestion of fats. Fortifying effect on immune system help with colds, bronchitis and fever.

Effect on skin: Helps rid the toxins from congested skin. Useful with dry skin, wrinkles and dermatitis. Tones the skin.

Caution: May irritate sensitive skin and avoid sunbathing after applying to skin.

Common nameSweet Orange Essential Oil
Botanical nameCitrus sinensis
DescriptionPale orange to dark orange-brown
OdourLight fresh sweet fruity odour
Plant parts usedFruit rind
Extraction methodCold pressed
Region of originBrazil

2 reviews for Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  1. RF (verified owner)

    Great oil, great price, can’t go wrong! I have used this to flavour chocolate : )

  2. stylee5206 (verified owner)

    Delish. True to smell.

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