Perfumers Alcohol

Our perfumers alcohol is pure absolute undenatured ethanol. It does not contain any dye, bitrex or methanol.

Ideal for blending with fragrance or essential oils, as it does not interfere with or alter the scent of the perfume. It evaporates quickly and cleanly, allowing the fragrance to be released gradually when applied to the skin.

Made from sugar cane.

>99.9% (200 proof ABV) ethanol absolute.

The higher the percentage of Alcohol by Volume (ABV), the easier it is to use when making perfumes. If you have a 96% ethanol this means 96% is alcohol, and the remaining 4% is mainly water along with small traces of other fermentation ingredients.

Essential or fragrance oils used in perfumery dissolve in ethanol, but will not dissolve in water. This is why ordinary vodka (from 37% to 56% ABV) is unsuitable for perfume making. This also means our >99.9% absolute ethanol contains only minute traces of water making it the perfect solvent for creating high quality perfumes and colognes.

Shipping Restrictions Apply

Can not be sold without also purchasing a fragrance oil in the same order.
Maximum amount of perfumer’s alcohol per order is 500ml.
Shipping may take longer due to courier dangerous goods restrictions.


INCI Name:

Ethyl Alcohol


Clear liquid




Region of origin:

New Zealand

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