If you’re looking for how to make your perfume last longer, then look no further. ScentStay is an extremely effective emollient, fragrance fixative and humectant for hair care and skin care products. It is recommended for use in perfumes, lotions, creams and cleansing formulations.

Derived from corn glucose, ScentStay increases the lasting power of fragrances. Soluble in water, alcohol and many carrier oils.

Because of its special properties, ScentStay is recommended in finished products whose primary function is fragrance or in any product containing fragrance where increased duration of fragrance is desired.

  • Perfumes
  • Skin care products
  • Toilet waters
  • Bar and liquid soaps (untested in cold process soap)
  • Colognes & Aftershaves
  • Room deodorizers
  • Bath products
  • Sachets & Scent Balls
  • Shampoos


  • Reducing stinging of alcohol
  • Adds emollience
  • Extends fragrance staying power


ScentStay can be added to the water phase where appropriate. For formulas that don’t contain water, mix ScentStay with the fragrance prior to adding to the rest of the ingredients. ScentStay is not miscible with cyclomethicone, so should not be used in formulas where this is present.

ScentStay is used for the fixing of top and some middle notes. Test results show that products containing ScentStay can last, on average, six hours longer on the skin than the same product without it. It is not recommended for oriental, heavy or woodsy fragrances as it has little effect. The power of ScentStay is in fixing those fleeting top notes.

Use up to 5% of your fragrance formula concentrate, but experiment! Using too much will “flatten” a fragrance. We have been testing at 2-3% and seeing good results so far.

Recommended usage rate: 2 – 5%


INCI Name:

PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether


Pale yellow, medium viscosity


Practically odourless


Region of origin:


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    Such a cool product

    A little goes a long way. My perfumes are almost finished curing but I can already notice the scents are lingering longer.

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