Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil

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Rose Quartz is a fresh and airy fragrance with notes of cassis, sea salt and pink grapefruit. Flowing on ocean air breezes, sugar flowers and geranium petals. Grounded with rosewood, silky chiffon musk and a dash of raw vanilla.

Skin safe fragrance oil. Suitable for candles, soaps, lotions, diffusers and room spray

Soap Making Notes

AccelerationModerate acceleration. Basic swirls and designs possible, but don’t plan on anything intricate.
Scent strengthScent is strong and holding well


Vanillin Content0%
Flash Point93°C
Maximum Usage – Soap, Bath Oils (Category 9 – IFRA)8.4%
Maximum Usage – Lotions, Body Creams (Category 4 – IFRA)10%


4 reviews for Rose Quartz Fragrance Oil

  1. Gillian Ritson (verified owner)

    Love this oil beautiful fragrance! Great in bath and body products.

  2. Grere (verified owner)

    OMG RICING! Used in CP soap, oils at 35 degrees and lye solution at 40 degrees, blended to emulsion. As soon as I added the FO – boom! Rice for Africa. Smells lovely though : )

  3. Claire (verified owner)

    Smells absolutely beautiful however it riced for me and accelerated fast. I don’t recommend trying to pipe soap tops with it. The scent is worth it though, just soap cooler temp and don’t plan anything too fancy.

  4. Shaz (verified owner)

    Lovely light rose scent with an airy feel to it. Doesn’t discolour, and no ricing at 35 degrees with batter blended to emulsion for CP soap. Some acceleration, but not bad. It will work for basic designs, but not a fragrance for intricate designs.

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