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Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil

(7 customer reviews)
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25ml $5.00
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This fragrance has been reformulated from October 2021. We have made every effort to keep the scent the same as our original, however you may notice very minor differences. Please conduct testing with small bottles before purchasing larger sizes. We can not refund or exchange fragrance purchases due to differing aromas between past batch purchases.

Fragrance Description

A sweet, sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Scent Profile

Top Notes:  


Mid Notes:  

White Musk

Base Notes:  

Vanilla Bean, Tonka

7 reviews for Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil

  1. Vee at Lather Art NZ (verified owner)

    The ONLY vanilla FO I’ll use. True vanilla scent. All the others smelled like ice cream to me.

    • 2laurakang

      Hi I haven’t yet brought this but I am curious to know if you know the differences in the vanilla FOs zen sells. I see there is vanilla bean, vanilla, very vanilla and french vanilla. Do you happen to know the differences?

      • Kirsty

        Our vanilla bean is the closest we have to actual real vanilla smell (not that sweet) the French Vanilla is kind of like icecream and would be the least popular. The vanilla and very vanilla smell very similar and are the most popular, they’re quite sweet but very yummy!

  2. Jan Dodgson (verified owner)

    Bitterly disappointed as this fragrance oil is virtually odourless and company does not accept returns – I took the gamble on reading the above review but a foolish decision on my part for not obtaining a sample first.

    • Vee at Lather Art NZ (verified owner)

      Hi Jan, that is so strange! I can use this fragrance at a pinch of the recommended rates, Did you use it in cold process soap? or wax? or lotion? Ive used it in all of those products successfully. Maybe whatever you put it into was too hot (flash point) and the fragrance burnt off??? I always add my FO when batches reach the lowest temperature possible.

  3. aypittar

    I think you must have used this at a very hot temp. I have always had a good strong scent from this oil. How strange… I have made the most delicious cold process soap, melts and candles from this. I have also combined it with other scents and it has been fine too. It does discolour to caramel or brown – oh my poor little Christmas Cakes went from white vanilla frosting to toffee coloured frosting – delightful to smell, but odd to look at.
    I am sure that Kristy would help you solve your production problem.

  4. Janine Wilson (verified owner)

    Great in CP, beautiful in body butters and lotion bars. Top selling Vanilla scent! I add a little to my chocolate FO to give the chocolate scent more oomph so definitely not an odourless scent. There’s a reason I always come back to Zen <3 You can rely on their descriptions and top notch FOs!

  5. Rachel (verified owner)

    Best Vanilla FO I have ever used! Only need a small amount for exceptional result – very popular with my clients as not too sickly sweet (as some Vanilla FO’s can be).

  6. holdentorana05

    Love it,traditional vanilla bean smell,yes just like icecream! No issues with using in wax melts.

  7. jordynmahu (verified owner)

    favourite vanilla scent by far ! have used this scent in a moisturiser , whipped soap and candles and they all smell devine !

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Candle Safe


Usage Rate

4 - 10%

IFRA Max Usage


Soap Safe


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Lotion Safe


Usage Rate

1 - 2%

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Lip Safe


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Vanillin Content:



> 93°C

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